About Us

Rebecca Carlson: I have worked in health care for over thirty years and started playing disc golf about five years ago. About two years ago I was playing disc golf with my partner, Bob, and noticed there really weren't any pretty disc golf bags for women. I searched a number of sites but couldn't find anything so I decided to design my own. The sport is growing quickly and women are a large part of this so why not have a bag that is both fashionable and practical. I can't say enough about the support I have received with the designs of our bags and am forever grateful to be a small part of helping the sport grow even more for women.

Robert (Bob) Falabella: I have been in education for the past twenty-eight years. I actually discovered disc golf through a Play Station video game. I met Rebecca six years ago and started playing disc golf for real. I immediately fell in love with it!! When Rebecca came up with the idea to design bags for women, I thought that was wonderful. The sport of disc golf has grown exponentially and women are finally getting recognized as a major part of this expansion. I am truly impressed with the feedback we have received regarding our bags. We are so appreciative and are very excited to be part of this wonderful sport and community.